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Maximum Muscle

Minimum Fat

Starting with the name, our program is different than your average weight loss challenge.

Our goal is two-fold: lose weight while building muscle simultaneously. The motto is "a pound lost and a rep gained"

  • Build muscle AND burn fat
  • Choose your own foods
  • Choose your own exercises
  • Transform your body and develop lifelong habits of health

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Here's all the details:

  • 6 week challenge starting on March 1st (your last day to register)
  • Goal is to lose 1-2lbs a week AND add 1-2 reps to a specific exercise.
  • You'll meet with registered dietician Åsa House discuss the weightloss plan.
  • You'll meet with me to discuss the exercise program (these meetings will be held virtually so anyone can participate).
  • There will be weekly check-ins and progress reports.
  • There will be a twice weekly class offered at BKC for participants only (this class will be recorded and offered to online participants)
  • You'll have access to our private Facebook group.
  • You'll receive free admission to a 2 part nutrition seminar held by Åsa in this months Community class (also to be recorded and offered online)

The cost for the challenge is $99, and if you win, you will receive a $200 voucher for a pair of jeans from Barbell Apparel - a US based Kickstarter company that makes jeans for lifters and those with squat booty's.


M3F Weightloss Challenge

Again, anyone can join this challenge but there will be benefits to those that can come into the gym. Mainly more direct access to both me and Åsa. She's also got a biometric scale that measures visceral fat and calculates lean body mass. We'll be using this as part of the weekly check-ins.

For online participants, I'm going to offer 50% off any of my online programming services, including the customized 6 Week Program

So there you have it.


The M3F Weight Loss Challenge

I know if you're anything like me, you've been talking about losing weight and getting in shape.

Well, it's 2018 and this is the year!

Let's do this.

If you're in, click this link:
Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat (M3F)


-Dan Cenidoza


PS - we're also adding an audit option. This is a reduced entry fee of just $1 a day. You get everything in the M3F except you will not be eligible for the prize. Click the link below to register...


You will work with a dietician and a trainer to develop a plan around your lifestyle. We'll be offering a special weight loss classes as well as nutrition seminars. You'll have access to our private FB group and discounted additional online training programs.

Challenge Starts in...

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