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Baltimore Kettlebell Club


Our focus is strength and conditioning.

We’re not a weight loss gym.

In our gym, most of the fat you lose will be replaced with muscle. You might even gain weight.

We believe that what your body can do is more important than how much your body weighs. Progress here is measured by performance.

Being better than you were yesterday is the goal: stronger, better conditioned, and more flexible.

Weight loss goals are temporary.

Eventually you lose the weight and you need another reason to workout.

Or perhaps you don’t lose the weight, get frustrated and quit.

Either way, there comes a point where you are no longer motivated to lose weight.

You can eliminate that problem by training for strength.

It’s more fun and rewarding to train to gain something than it is to try to exercise in vain to try to lose something.

It doesn’t feel good stepping on a scale everyday.

But it feels great knowing that you’re getting stronger!

Letting go of the weight loss battle and picking up something heavy is empowering.

Don’t tear yourself down. Build yourself up.

Feel the difference it makes in your attitude, in your motivation, and in your self esteem.

Here you will never be judged by how you look, how you eat, how much you weigh or what you do in your spare time.

The only thing that matters is that you show up and give your best effort.

Our trainers are not cheerleaders; they are instructors.

We don’t do bootcamps; we do functional exercises in a progressive manner.

Our workouts are not random; they are part of a program and follow a set of principles.

Good form is our first priority. Move well and move often.

Health and strength cannot be separated.

We recognize that nutrition is an important part of being healthy.

Proper nutrition is even more important than exercise, especially when it comes to body fat.

We recommend a diet high in plants and protein with minimal processing.

We have a registered dietician who you can consult with but your diet is your responsibility.

You will not be shamed for your love of pizza, beer and/or ice cream. No one is going to police you about what you eat, but if you want to lose weight you must understand that weight loss happens in the kitchen, not in the gym.

We meet people where they are.

Whether you’re new to strength training or an experienced lifter…

Whether you’re an athlete, a soccer mom or senior citizen…

Whether you want to do kettlebell, barbell or strongman training…

We are a StrongFirst facility and this is our code:

“I am a student of strength”

“Strength has a greater purpose”

If this all sounds good to you, you’re a great fit for our community at Baltimore Kettlebell Club.

Welcome to the club!

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Trainer Bios

Dan Cenidoza

Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Professional Performing Strongman and Owner of BKC

Dan Cenidoza is a student and practitioner of strength. He is passionate about training and will train anyone who has a desire to improve. Dan has experience working with people at the high school, collegiate, professional and geriatric level. He started his fitness career working as a senior fitness specialist at a retirement community in the same calendar year he won the Maryland Strongest Man competition. Dan's professional credentials include an exercise science degree from Towson University and several training certifications (CSCS, RKC, AKC, SFG2 & FMS). He is a dedicated husband and father to 5 children.


Rob Sullivan

Onnit Foundations Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Wrestling Coach

Rob Sullivan is a personal trainer with a long history of experience. For the last decade he has sharpened his skills as a highschool wrestling coach and professional fighter. His focus is overall conditioning. Helping others to have the ability to embrace the grind. He is always furthering his education in the world of strength and conditioning. He holds a certification through Onnit Fitness and specializations is wrestling, boxing other elements within Mixed Martial Arts. Rob teaches the Bells & Boxing and Wreck-It Fitness classes at Baltimore Kettlebell Club.


Tricia Luebben

StrongFirst Certified, Strongwoman Competitor


Tricia Luebben received her SFG1 certification in October 2017. She has been training with Dan for several years. Tricia also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and competes in local strongwoman contests. She’s a student of strength and believes that you are never too old or too young to start a healthy lifestyle. Tricia teaches the Turbo-Charged Tuesday Family Fitness class.


Karen Anderson

StrongFirst Certified, Martial Arts Instructor, Strongwoman Competitor


After 5 years of training under Dan Cenidoza, Karen earned her SFG I in October 2017. Karen has been training in Korean, Chinese and Thai martial arts since 1998. She has completed several half-marathons and marathons. She continues to compete in Strongwoman contests. Her goal is to inspire women to have fun and feel comfortable in the gym and discover how good it feels to be strong.



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