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Personal training at Baltimore Kettlebell Club is not like what you’d receive at a big box gym. We pride ourselves on being “Instructors” not just “trainers”. We teach people how to lift properly, how to structure workouts and how to develop routines in order to achieve long term goals.

“I am so thankful to Dan and the other instructors at Baltimore Kettlebell Club for training me. Their guidance, knowledge, patience, and encouragement during individual training and small group sessions has pushed me to surpass my goals. If you desire to condition your physique and strive to work up a good sweat, BKC offers the perfect comfortable and motivating environment to workout!”



As said in our Proclamation Statement:

Our trainers are not cheerleaders; they are instructors.

We don’t do bootcamps; we do functional exercises in a progressive manner.

Our workouts are not random; they are part of a program and follow a set of principles.

Good form is our first priority.


“I’m a 69+ senior who has experienced multiple falls and injuries. With the recommendation of my son I looked into StrongFirst certified instructors and was drawn to Dan Cenidoza’s program as he has deep experience working with seniors. I’ve had 2 personal training sessions with Dan and am impressed with his interest in my goals – resilience and stamina – and careful technique. And as a retired nurse, I’m always interested in the ‘why’ of doing something. Dan’s explanations are clear. Focusing on the whole body and how the body functions in daily life is so different from focus on body parts or muscle groups. Already I feel a difference. I’ve found my trainer!”

-Jennie Boyer


Personal training will get you the fastest results possible, the most detailed feedback and a private setting to work in.

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Choose between our list of qualified StrongFirst instructors, coaches, athletes and physical therapists. See trainer bios at the About page.

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    Program Rewards

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