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Kettlebell Start Up Guide 4.1

Consume the information AND try the exercises IMMEDIATELY. Do both of these together and you will learn FASTER.

After giving each exercise a try, watch the Coaching Videos to avoid the Common Mistakes.

It's best to catch mistakes early in training, otherwise what could have been small fixes eventually turn into BAD habits!

Most kettlebell exercises will provide you with feedback (if you know what to look for). Banging your wrist in the clean, tiring your back in the swing, hurting your knees in the squat; these things shouldn't happen.

Practice until your technique before you worry about how many sets/reps you should do.

Then you can concern yourself with "workouts" (that is, which exercises to focus on, how much weight to use and when to increase).

When you're ready for workouts, the best place to start is with complexes.

A complex is simply a series of exercises strung together without ever putting the kettlebell down.

Nothing does complexes better than the kettlebell!

I have over 30 complexes I use in my classes. I call them KISS Complexes.

These are proven exercise complexes that are being used by some of the best in kettlebell land. A mix of what is being taught by leading instructors and things I have developed on my own.

These are some of the exact complexes I use in my classes and with private training students.

Whenever I need a standard measurement other than "how much I can lift?" I draw from these complexes.

The KISS Complexes are available at the online store regular price of $50, but because you took immediate action and downloaded the Kettlebell Start Up Guide, I will offer them to you for a special price.

Available on this page only, you can get all 30+ workouts for just $20. Here's the link:

Get 30 workouts now

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