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We offer a variety of training services and are open to discussing your needs. Listed below are a few of our core competencies and areas of expertise.


Our flagship strength & conditioning class. Nothing beats KB training at burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. Nothing. We have men and women of all ages and abilities in this class and at any given time you could be working out next to a professional athlete, an office worker and a retiree (sometimes in the same class!)

There are 2 levels of kettlebell class – a beginner and advanced. We use “hardstyle” kettlebell technique and have 3 StrongFirst instructors.



Strongman Saturday introduces barbell and dumbbell lifts in addition to the odd-objects like tires, logs, kegs and sleds. We have two head instructors that are both former winners of the Maryland Strongest Man competition. This is a popular class and a fun one that serves as a great introduction to strongman training.

We offer 2 levels of strongman – the advanced class (Friday morning) is by invite only.


Strength & Conditioning

Semi-private group training with workouts tailored to meet your needs. This is more of a self-paced class where you might be partnered up with someone for a particular workout or if your goals are different, you might work on your own program.


Special Populations

Don’t think that this is a hardcore strength gym that has only one gear. We’ve helped overweight people lose 100’s of pounds, senior citizens rebuild muscle and bone, and pregnant women stay strong up until delivery. Click on the links below to learn more, or fill out the form to let us know what you’re interested in!


Obesity (Sweat Equity)


Strength After Sixty


Prenatal Strength


Home School Fitness


Current Class Schedule

Group training is available through drop in classes, month-to-month or 12 month membership plans.


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Personal Training

Personal Training rates and info can be found in the link below. To schedule an appointment, call 410-657-2307 or email



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    Program Rewards

    12-month program rewards for once weekly, twice weekly and unlimited classes.