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More about Visitor’s Week…

Visitor’s Week is when we open our doors to the public to try free classes. It’s the only time we allow first timers into a class. The rest of the month registration is closed and new members must start with 2 personal training sessions before joining the class.

The reason for this is that our training program follows a monthly schedule. Each month starts a new program with a new focus exercise (or two). As the month progresses, so do the workouts. If a new person was to join later in the month, the workout would likely be too advanced for a first workout.

Either that or the instructor would have to slow down to teach the lifts to the newcomer.

We’ve done that in the past, and although the “beginner workout” was always welcomed by the rest of the class, it stunts forward progress.

If everybody starts at the same time (beginning of the month) then everybody progresses together.



More about Personal Training…

Personal training is not a bad idea for anyone looking to start kettlebells. Working 1-on-1 with a training gives 100% attention, immediate feedback and the flexibility of working around your schedule.

Although our classes are small and each student gets quality instruction, personal training builds a program around the individual.