Most common kettlebell mistakes revealed...

Coaching Video Series

11 Coaching Videos showing 3-5 of the most common mistakes and how to correct them.

  • Avoid common pitfalls that new kettlebellers make
  • Shorten the learning curve by catching bad habits early
  • Accelerate your progress with the expert advice from a kettlebell coach

Over 30 minutes of coaching video!

11 Video Series that will fix 90% of all the mistakes kettlebell'ers make!

Get ALL 11 videos for the sale price of $7 (reg. $20)

Check out the sample video below...

Here's what you're learning in these Coaching Videos

Swing Common Mistakes (2:13):

The squatty swing - back stays too upright and the hips go down too far

The muscle swing - the bell is lifted with the arms and not the legs.

The partial swing - the hips are not fully extended

Press Common Mistakes (2:32):

Improper rack and/or overhead position.

Bent wrist and/or forearm does not remain vertical during the lift

Excessive “leaning” from the torso

Clean Common Mistakes (2:21):

Curling the weight

Banging the wrist / arm

Improper rack position

Squat Common Mistakes (2:35):

Allowing the knees to bow in or come too far forward

Rounding the back

Elbows touch the mid-thighs instead of the knees

Also included in the Coaching Videos...

Get Up Common Mistakes (5:44):

Shrugging the shoulders or hunching the back

Not keeping the arm straight vertical

Not allowing for enough room to sweep the leg

Snatch Common Mistakes (2:35):

Banging the wrist

Tearing the hands

Pressing to lockout

Deadlift Common Mistakes (2:55):

Off-center of gravity

Rounding the back

Not fully extending the hips and knees at lockout

Single Leg Deadlift Common Mistakes (2:31):

Bending over at the back first

Not keeping the hips level

Not controlling the descent

Row Common Mistakes (2:22):

Lifting the weight with the lower back

Jerking or heaving the weight up

Shortened range of motion

Straight Leg Deadlift Common Mistakes (2:19):

Rounding the back

Bending the knees

Improper start / finish position

Suitcase Deadlift Common Mistakes (2:19):

Leaning/twisting to the side

Rounding the back

Starting/finishing with the bell too far forward

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