Western boxing started just shy of 400 years ago and continues today as one of the most recognizable and popular sports today. Many people practice “the sweet science” for things other than pugilism, including self defense and general fitness. We, at Bells N Boxing, stress both of these in our training in our unique fashion.

Rob Sullivan

Bells N Boxing started as the brainchild of trainer Rob Sullivan. Sullivan was a professional MMA figher and amateur boxer. During his years spent competing, he trained all over the world, including Tri Star Gym in Canada and Kickboxing Arnhem in the Netherlands, and learned from some of the best coaches on the planet. He is the definition of “student of the game” and brings a different look to your average cardio boxing class.

“The idea of a boxing class shouldn’t just be to sweat,” says Sullivan. “I believe learning proper footwork, hand placement, movement skills, hand-eye coordination and basic self defense enhance the workout to something challenging, but completely fun and addictive.” While your cardio will certainly be tested, this class is made for everyone in all walks of life.

Another bonus of this class comes in the name… Bells. Whether you are a seasoned kettlebell user or someone who is just curious, Sullivan will instruct you on the basics of the kettlebell swing. In his career, Sullivan used a kettlebell in many of his workouts. We found it complemented fighter training very nicely.

Whether you’re looking for something different or looking to learn some useful techniques, Bells N Boxing provides workouts that will improve your health and gain boxing insight.

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