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We have a free training resource and programs you can purchase.

Start Here: with this FREE Guide.

There are 15 exercises, give or take, that you MUST know when using kettlebells.

99% of the workouts you do should be focused on these movements. These exercise will help you reach 100% of your goals.

Learn these exercises in the Kettlebell Start Up Guide FIRST!

And ONLY when you’re ready, then you can think about making a purchase.

KISS Complexes

The KISS Complexes has more than 30 workouts for you to choose from.

It’s the exact same workouts I’ve used over the last decade or more as an RKC and now StrongFirst Level 2 instructor. From when I was doing personal training out of my basement, to when we used to meet for kettlebell classes at the parks in Perry Hall, this is some of the best training in Baltimore and you don’t have to be here to do it!

6-Week Programs



Once you’ve mixed-and-matched the programs and gone through all the challenge workouts purchased in the KISS Complexes, if you want more I offer 6-week custom programs.

Answer these questions and I’ll write you a workout routine that tells you exactly how many sets/reps you should do, what weight to use and when to increase your weight:

  1. What are your SMART goals?
  2. Where are you in relation to those goals?
  3. How many hours per week will you spend on those goals?
  4. What equipment do you have available to you?

Tell me those things and I can write you a 6-week program and then you’re on your way!

Online Training

If you want me to be available for you to ask questions after that, check your technique and in other words be your coach, I offer Online Training too. Nutritional coaching also available.

Check out the videos and the linked webpages above for more information.

All the best in your training,

-Dan Cenidoza

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