Group Classes

group classes kettlebell training in perry hall

Our group classes have been described as being like getting “personal training for the cost of group classes”. That’s because we have small groups with great instructors who pay attention to detail.

You’re not just another body in a sea of faces here. You are welcomed to our group and called by name.

We have a great community of people here who seek to improve and become the best version of themselves.

Our members come from all walks and share the common desire to be “stronger than yesterday”

Come join us during our Visitor’s Week!



Our flagship group exercise class. Nothing beats KB training at burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. Nothing. We have men and women of all ages and abilities in this fast paced, dynamic class. There are 2 levels of kettlebell class – a beginner and advanced. Click here for more info.


Strongman classes introduce barbell and dumbbell lifts in addition to the odd-objects like tires, logs, kegs and sleds. This is a fun, non-intimidating class that will make your functionally strong. We have two head instructors that are both former winners of the Maryland Strongest Man competition. There are 2 levels of strongman – permission required for the advanced class. Click here for more info.

Strength & Conditioning

Semi-private group training with individualized workouts for those with individualized goals. This class usually has two different workout posted for you to choose from – one for strength and one for conditioning. Click here for more info.

Strength After Sixty

This is a training program that is aimed at developing the functional capacity of older adults. It has been shown to increase both the muscular strength and bone density of post menopausal women (those at highest risk for osteoporosis). SAS is offered as a class on a limited basis but available for programming into our S&C classes. Click here for more info.

Youth Training and Home School Fitness

In addition to training, our goal with kids is to educate them on how to live active and healthy lives. We have a Home School based curriculum that teaches kids about productive training, basic nutrition, goal setting and more. Our kids classes are now ongoing, with two programs – Little Lifters (10 and under) and Teen/Tween (11+). Click here for more info.

Prenatal Strength

Jessica Cenidoza wrote the book on exercising while pregnant (literally)! She lifted weights throughout four pregnancies with all 5 of her children (yes, there’s a set of twins). Stronger moms = healthier kids. Click here to read more.

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