Over 40 Strength & Conditioning

  •  As we get older, we need to exercise differently. Exercise in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s is not the same as our 20’s. When we get injured, we don’t simply bounce right back, anymore. Maintaining strength and flexibility is necessary for everyday activities like shopping, cooking, and even getting in and out of our vehicles, but even more important is to remedy muscle imbalances so we can live without pain!
  • The owner and head instructor of the Baltimore Kettlebell Club, Dan Cenidoza, has worked with many people throughout his career, from the Baltimore Ravens to Oak Crest Senior Living. One thing is extremely important whether you are a professional athlete or a professional grandparent: FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT

Special for Men & Women Ages 40+:

  1. Try any of our Strength & Conditioning Classes FREE for Two Weeks! Here, you will learn how to use the kettlebell safely. Safety is our number one concern.
  2. If you decide to join after your free trial, receive a FREE Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS will allow us to find your imbalances and correct them. To help you live a life without pain and improved strength.
  3. Along with the FMS, you will receive a Private Lesson with Dan Cenidoza to go over your Corrective Exercises. Think of this as Pre-Hab, rather than Rehab. You will be able to do these exercises at home to fix your imbalances. Just wait and see how great you feel when you FINALLY give this attention.
  4. FREE Nutritional Counseling with Registered Dietitian and a
  5. FREE Training Journal

Over 40 Strength & Conditioning

  • Tuesday & Thursday: Strength & Conditioning at 9AM
  • Friday at 4:30PM

Other Beginner Classes:

  • Monday & Wednesday: Kettlebell 1 at 5PM and 6PM