Macebell vs Kettlebell

Get back into your FITNESS ROUTINE, get STRONG and have FUN trying something NEW!

Come train with the trainers!
This is not your average class. There will be no one there to coach you***
Instead, you will work out along side of the coaches.
So you better be ready!
Here’s how it’s going to work:
We’re going to train twice a week – Tues/Thurs at 7:30am (starting Sept. 11)
One day will be Dan’s kettlebell workout. One day will be Rob’s macebell workout.
Each workout is based on the other coaches goals; both coaches do the workout.
We’re opening our workout up to 5 people who think they can keep up.
If there’s enough interest, we’ll open up another class at 5am.
Register at the link below…

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*** we’re not going to leave you hanging and not knowing what to do. There will be instructions and a group warm up 15 minutes before class starts. Safety is always paramount and your workout takes priority over ours.


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