Baltimore Kettlebell Club offers much more than just kettlebells! Another one of our specialties is strongman training. We’ve got men and women of all ages who have graduated from kettlebells, to barbells and odd-objects.

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Strongman Saturday is not recommended as your first class unless you have prior strength training experience. We welcome newbies, but if you’ve never lifted weights before you should try a kettlebell class first.

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What is Strongman Training?

Strongman training involves moving odd objects like stones, barrels, and tires. The movements involve picking up an object, lifting it overhead, and carrying, dragging, or pushing it for time or distance.

Why odd objects?

It's a useful skill. Think of all the heavy things you have to lift every week. Bags of "stuff". Kegs of beer. Children and pets of assorted sizes. None of these things come with convenient handles. (Okay, the kegs do, but they’re still hard to move.)

Lifting and moving odd objects is a direct path to truly functional fitness. If you can push a weighted sled in class, you can push a stalled car outside of class. If you can flip a tire in class, you can change a tire outside of class. If you can carry a keg in class, you can carry a keg outside of class.

Plus, it’s fun. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get the first time you flip a heavy tire. That’s an achievable goal for every lifter (but you don’t have to tell that to your non-strongmen friends. Let them gaze upon you with awe).

Will the other strongmen kick sand in my face?

Strongman classes at Baltimore Kettlebell Club are beginner friendly. Everyone starts out doing what they can and works to meet personal goals. Yours might be something general, like improving your functional strength, or it might be something specific, like lifting more than your body weight. Whatever your goal, you can achieve it at BKC.

"It was exactly what I was looking for, an environment that was not only challenging but inviting, and a coach (Dan Cenidoza) that knew what he was talking about and could tailor exercises to push each individual to his/her own needs.  Dan stresses getting stronger, not “bigger.” He understands how the body works and how the systems are intertwined. Since that first session I have started attending the Strongwoman classes on Saturdays and I love it. I enjoy the workouts, the women, and the camaraderie. Dan has really created a place where working out is also a positive experience. And there’s no better way to stick with a workout routine than enjoying every moment of it." - Caro

Advanced lifters are also welcome. Lifters at higher levels will find a challenging selection of objects, custom equipment and expert coaching from Dan, a seasoned competitor and now performing strongman. Strongmen and StrongWomen from BKC have been making good showings in regional meets this year.

2018 Charm City StrongWoman competitors and their coach

How do the classes work?

Level 1: No pre-requisites, but experience in the weightroom or with kettlebells highly recommended.

Level 2: Consider this an Open Gym. In this class you'll be training along side Dan - he won't be hands-on coaching you. You should already know what you're doing before coming to this session. A taste for heavy metal music and/or gangster rap highly recommended.

StrongWoman: This is an all-women class that includes both Level 1 and Level 2 skills. Special attention is paid to strength concerns of women.

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Maryland Strongman
Coaches Dr. Tom Bruns and Dan Cenidoza, both former winners of the Maryland Strongest Man Contest.

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