Strongman Facebook Special

NEW Class Beginning June 10th!


Strongman Saturday has grown to the point of warranting a second session!

We’re now accepting registrations for a NEW 11:30 class.

This is a 90 min class that focuses on functional fitness – training on odd objects that you encounter in real life!

You will build usable strength that will benefit you outside of the gym – muscle with as much “go” as it has for “show”.

This is a co-ed introductory class – no experience necessary!

Spaces are limited – we currently have 5 spots available.

Call today to make a reservation! 410-657-2307

Saturday 11:30am-1pm

1st month half price special – $37

Good and knowledgeable teacher. Dan is humble and not pretentious. -Fred Schwallenberg

Good and knowledgeable trainer

If you’re not coming here for kettlebell classes you should be. The workouts are fun, challenging, and I leave in a better mood than when I arrived. -Jeremy German

The workouts are fun and challenging

I love this gym. Awesome environment and challenging workouts. So glad I was introduced to this gym. -Ada Herbert

Awesome environment and challenging workouts

Great kettlebell classes and strongman/woman workouts. Fun atmosphere, everyone is welcoming and helpful. There are all ages 16- 75+ It’s like a big happy strong family !! Highly recommend !!! -Erin Diemel

It’s like a big happy strong family

Great place to train! I’ve been coming here for 4 years now. Dan is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. The classes are never boring. Great way to improve your cardio and physical strength with a time-friendly workout. -Eric Lebron

Great place to train

Best workout you will ever have. If you truly want to get into shape you need to come here. -Joe Regan

Best workout you will ever have

If you want to be stronger, go to the BKC. Dan is a consummate professional. He walks the walk. Training for all ages. I felt immediately welcome. It’s an accepting community of people who don’t participate in exercise/training fads. A fun gym for people who want to work hard…

Training for all ages

BKC is awesome! I’ve been attending classes here for approximately two years and, in that time, the improvements in my 52-year old strength and conditioning have been more than I could have ever imagined! I owe these changes in very large part to the stellar teaching and motivational support…

BKC is awesome!

Dan is a fantastic coach. He is patient and knowledgeable. I only had a few training sessions and he taught me so much with the limited time we had. I cannot thank him enough and i wish i had more time to train with him. If your looking to…

Fantastic coach

I found Dan after many years of searching for a qualified kettle bell instructor. I have been training with Dan for 6 years and under his guidance, and coaching, successfully tested for my SFG I in 2017. Baltimore Kettle Bell Club is a friendly gym with a non-intimidating, family-like…

Fun but challenging

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