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NEW Class Beginning June 10th!


Strongman Saturday has grown to the point of warranting a second session!

We’re now accepting registrations for a NEW 11:30 class.

This is a 90 min class that focuses on functional fitness – training on odd objects that you encounter in real life!

You will build usable strength that will benefit you outside of the gym – muscle with as much “go” as it has for “show”.

This is a co-ed introductory class – no experience necessary!

Spaces are limited – we currently have 5 spots available.

Call today to make a reservation! 410-657-2307

Saturday 11:30am-1pm

1st month half price special – $37

"Strongwoman classes (at BKC) have completely enriched my strength journey. Like minded women come together from all skill levels in a safe environment that fosters sisterhood, encouragement, and fun! I often refer to it as a big kids playground for adults. Dan provides expert instruction on assorted implements that you will push, pull and carry. The feeling you get from picking up that first atlas stone, nailing a heavy deadlift, or flipping a tire is simply awesome!" -Stacy BenHayon

"I love Strongman Saturdays. I had never touched a barbell before, and frankly, was intimidated by lifting weights. I didn't know what to do - what weight to start with, how many reps, how long to do each exercise, etc. It was very overwhelming, and because of that, I completely avoided it, even though I knew about the health benefits. Then I started attending Strongwoman Saturdays. All women, all different levels, all supportive. Dan teaches you how to do the basic lifts and exercises, and the all-female group environment provides support and encouragement. Before I knew it, I was lifting more than I ever thought I could, and now I'm training to compete." - Colleen Wheat

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