360 Huddle

360 huddle program for teenage athletes

Strength & Conditioning sport camp for high school students. This program will focus on keeping teenage athletes in shape for the start of their season. We will be using a mix of kettlebell, barbell and strongman techniques, in addition to agility training, to keep kids conditioned for sports.

However, this program in not just for teenage athletes, but all teenagers. Virtually learning has limited kids in their socialization and physical activity. We seek to provide an opportunity for kids to be active and healthy. They are all invited to be part of a larger community of individuals who strength train as a means of self-improvement.

kids lifting baltimore kettlebell club

We offer an array of kids fitness programs which are usually run in 6 week sessions. What started as a home school class that sought to teach kids not only how to lift weights but other healthy habits. When kids train with us, they learn things like proper nutrition, safety in the weightroom and goal setting. As the home school class grew, other parents became interested in getting this training for their children as well.

We’ve expanded our kids programs to include classes for traditionally and virtually schooled kids. We’ve also added our new 360 Huddle program which focuses on teenage athletes whose sports have been cancelled or postponed.

We realize that our youth is our future and as parents we want our kids to be healthy; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Is it safe?

Very safe. Dan & Jessica Cenidoza have 5 children all of whom have participated in the evolution of our kids fitness programs. Jessica lifted with them in womb and wrote the book on Prenatal Strength.

Read what they Mayo Clinic has to say about strength training for youth.

360 Huddle – Fall Schedule

October 6 – November 12

Tue & Thur @ 5pm

Cost $175

First 6 kids to register will get access to our Strongman Saturday workout (11:30am) throughout the entire 6 week session.

Registration opens Sept. 14

To RSVP, go to: https://bkc.sites.zenplanner.com/loginSignup.cfm?appointmentId=7C6AD020-A1C1-4C20-B02C-275EB5DF474A&loginReturn=enrollment.cfm?appointmentId=7C6AD020-A1C1-4C20-B02C-275EB5DF474A