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Fellow Parent,
Thank you for your interest in training for your child. I commend your desire to provide opportunities for your youngster to be healthy, strong and fit.
As someone who started working out as a kid myself, I can attest to all the benefits that come along with strength training.
Besides just being physically stronger, the “iron” made me stronger mentally as well. Lifting weights has taught me many life lessons including work ethic, discipline, goal setting, grit and determination. It also built my confidence and self esteem at a crucial time in my life.
My mission is to instruct and inspire people to live stronger, healthier lives; and I’d like nothing more than for your family to be a part of that.
As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and I’m honored that you would consider me to play a part in your child’s life.
-Dan Cenidoza

Strength & Conditioning

Ages 8-15
6 week minimester (May 6 – June 12)
Mon/Wed 2:30-3:30
Tuition: $175
Multiple child discount $10 (if registering multiple children, send me a note with their names and I will register them manually and apply the discount. You will still need to register 1 child at the link below.)



Each class will consist of a 15 minute learning session, 5 minute warm up and 40 minute workout. Students will learn proper weight training technique on 2-3 exercises each day, as well as what muscles are being used.


  • Importance of exercise
    • Healthy heart / protection against cardiovascular disease
    • Strong muscles and bones
    • Healthy body composition / weight management, body fat percentage
  • Different kinds exercise
    • Strength – resistance training / lifting weights
    • Cardiovascular – aerobic training / running, swimming, biking
    • Flexibility – stretching / yoga
  • Safety in the weight room
    • Proper exercise technique
    • Listen to your coach
    • No horseplay / running, ball playing, wrestling
  • Healthy eating habits
    • You must eat healthy to have energy to exercise, and to build muscles, and maintain a healthy body weight. To eat healthy you should:
    • drink plenty of water
    • eat protein and vegetables
    • limit your sugar
  • Soreness, stress & recovery
    • Soreness happens when you do something new. After your body adapts, you don’t get sore anymore.
    • Exercise is stress to your body. It is a good stress called eustress.
    • You must get enough sleep to recover from exercise and have the energy to do it.
  • Training variables
    • Repetitions – how many times you do an exercise
    • Sets – groups of repetitions
    • Intensity – how hard it is to do an exercise (can be measured by perceived effort or percentage of max)
  • Progression
    • Heavier weight
    • More Repetitions
    • Skill
  • Effort = Improvement
    • Failure vs quitting
    • Temporary vs permanent
  • Goal setting
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relative
    • Timeline
  • Short term (less than 30 days)
  • Medium term (3-6 months)
  • Long term (1 year or more)
  • Lifetime goals

Questions Answered:

Why is it important to exercise?
What is the number one cause of death in the United States?
What kind of exercise is best for heart health? Give some examples.
What should you do in the weight room? What should you not do?
What are 3 things should you do to eat healthy?
Give some examples of different kinds of protein.
Give some examples of different kinds of vegetables.
Give some examples of things your should avoid.
Why is it important to eat healthy?
What should you do to recover from exercise?
What are 3 the training variables?
What are 3 ways to progress?

How are failure and quitting different?
What are SMART goals?
Write 4 goals for yourself; 1 short term, 1 medium term, 1 long term, 1 lifetime goal.

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I love these girls!

We were training kids while they were still in the womb, so much so that Jess wrote a book on it!

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