Kids Fitness Program

Fellow Parent,
Thank you for your interest in training for your child. I commend your desire to provide opportunities for your youngster to be healthy, strong and fit. We started this kids fitness program for our children and we’d be happy to have yours!
As someone who started working out as a kid myself, I can attest to all the benefits that come along with strength training.
Besides just being physically stronger, the “iron” made me stronger mentally as well. Lifting weights has taught me many life lessons including work ethic, discipline, goal setting, grit and determination. It also built my confidence and self esteem at a crucial time in my life. My mission is to instruct and inspire people to live stronger, healthier lives; and I’d like nothing more than for your family to be a part of that.
As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and I’m honored that you would consider me to play a part in your child’s life.
-Dan Cenidoza

My kids and I.

Kids need exercise, more than ever before.

Kids need to be with other kids, more than ever before.

We’re excited to be building a bigger, better, kids program than ever before!!!

11 year old girls enjoying the challenge of getting strong!

Strong Kids / Home School Fitness

Utilizing our Home School curriculum, we’re teaching kids the value of strength training, healthy eating habits, positive mindset, goal setting and much more. Each class has a 10 minute “huddle” to discuss the daily lesson followed by a 35 minute workout that is both challenging and fun. Our goal is to keep kids active, teach them how to lift properly and instill some healthy habits in them that will last them last a lifetime!

“Dan delivers appropriate exercise and nutrition in a way that is conducive to children. Each year parents tell me the little bits of knowledge that their kids picked up from the demo. Any school would benefit from this, I know I am happy that my children have this opportunity.”

Angie Feeley

Now Part of the Permanent Schedule!!!

After 4 years of teaching a homeschool program, now with virtual learning the norm, we’ve decided to keep our kids classes as part of our regular schedule. Cost is $67 a month for once weekly classes and $127 a month for twice weekly classes. 50% discount for families with two or more kids. We also have a scholarship fund.

Ages 10+

Tues @ 5 – 5:45pm

Thur @ 6 – 6:45pm

Ages 6-10

Tue @ 6 – 6:45pm

Thur @ 5 – 5:45pm

“By enrolling my son in this class, I had hoped that he would learn about his power. This program has far exceeded my expectations! It has given him a chance to explore his strengths. Not only physically but with his mental fortitude as well. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient with the kids. Thank you for giving teens a safe, healthy and fun way to learn about how to handle life.”

Breanna, 7, learning to enjoy hard work

When I started homeschooling my son I told him he had to do something for health and exercise and Dan happened to be starting his program for homeschooled kids. My son was reluctant because he’s never liked anything like that, but after his second session he fell in love! He loves the workout and seeing himself get stronger, but mostly I think he loves being around Dan and the other coaches, in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Now he’s taking classes at BKC 5 days a week! He gets up and ready hours before class! Physically he was very thin and underweight when he started not even 6 months ago, and he’s gained 30lbs of healthy weight!! Dan and BKC have been so wonderful for my son in so many ways! Everyone at BKC, coaches and members, is so nice and non-judgmental, there are ppl there at all levels of fitness and Dan gives them all individual attention to make sure they are getting what they need. I’m very thankful to Dan and his coaches for everything they have done for my kid, and I highly recommend anyone of any age check out BKC!

home school fitness
The “huddle”
The “funisher”

The homeschool fitness class they offer is fantastic for families who want their children to be fit and healthy. The program teaches the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition. My daughter had a blast, and is ready for the next session to begin.

I love these girls!

“I came across the 360 huddle course for teenagers by chance, and I feel blessed that I did. My son has really enjoyed going to each class. All the coaches do an amazing job teaching overall wellness. There is much more than weightlifting instruction. They teach a multidisciplinary curriculum such as nutrition, agility, goal setting, teamwork and flexibility. My son has met multiple milestones during his class and is quick to confidently share his accomplishments with the entire family.”


Learn to deadlift at Baltimore Kettlebell Club

I have a 14 son who doesn’t really care much for sports. I wanted to find something that would get him moving, help him get a little stronger, build some muscle. We had never heard of kettlebell and decided to give it a try. We joined the homeschool program, and now the Summer program, and my son loves it. Dan and Rob are great with the kids. They encourage the kids to keep pushing themselves, to not give up, to keep trying. I like that the class isn’t just lifting weights…Dan teaches a lesson on the importance of exercise and eating healthy, setting goals for yourself, etc. With each class, my son is getting stronger and his confidence is growing. It’s a great program!

We were training kids while they were still in the womb, so much so that Jess wrote a book on it!


Each week to include a 5-10 min huddle on the subjects below. Talking points in italics are included in the lessons for the older kids only.

Importance of exercise

Healthy heart / protection against cardiovascular disease
Strong muscles and bones
Healthy body composition / weight management, body fat percentage
Mental Health – endorphins, stress relief, cognitive functioning
Immune System – improved resistance to illness, recovery ability
General Health – also aided by natural sunlight, fresh air and good relationships

Different kinds exercise

Strength – resistance training / lifting weights
Cardiovascular – aerobic training / running, swimming, biking
Flexibility – stretching / yoga
Agility – ability to start, stop and change direction quickly
Sports Specific – drills sport coaches use to improve a players performance

Safety in the weight room

Proper exercise technique
Listen to your coach
No horseplay / running, ball playing, wrestling
Focus – pay attention!
Proper programming – including warm up, balanced workouts and adequate recovery

Reasonable Expectations

Individual fitness – people have different starting points
Comparisons – compare yourself to the you of yesterday, not someone else today
Consistency is key
Muscle & Bone density peak in the mid-30’s
Dan started training at 19 and won the MD Strongest Man at 30 years old.


Barbells & plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, machines, pulley’s, odd objects, grip tools
Pros & Cons of each

Training variables

Repetitions – how many times you do an exercise
Sets – groups of repetitions
Intensity – how hard it is to do an exercise (can be measured by perceived effort or percentage of max)
Frequency – how many days per week
Density – rest periods in between sets


Heavier weight
More reps
Skill Mastery




  • Learning
  • Growth


  • Permanent
  • No chance of success


Pushing & pulling
Upper Body & Lower Body
Horizontal & Vertical
Bi-lateral vs unilateral
Multi-joint vs isolation

Anatomy of lifts

Pushing & Pulling muscles

Upper & Lower Body


Anterior & Posterior chain
“Grinds” vs “Ballistics”
Slow & controlled vs quick & explosive
Range of Motion
Planes of movement (frontal, transverse, sagittal)


Training vs exercising
Cycles – Micro, macro, mesa-cycles (aka 6-week, 6-month, 1-4 year)
Peaking & deloading

Healthy eating habits

Drink plenty of water
Eat protein and vegetables
Limit your sugar intake
Essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids & fatty acids
Different color vegetables = different vitamins and minerals

Understanding calories & macronutrients

Carbohydrates (4 kcal per gram) – the body’s preferred fuel source
Glucose & glycogen
Protein (4 kcal per gram)- building blocks of muscle
Amino acids 20 for a complete protein (9 essential)
Fat (9kcals per gram) – healthy & unhealthy varieties
Aid in certain body processes like metabolism & hormone production
Cell membranes made of lipids
Avoid artificial fats (i.e. transfats & hydrogenated oils)

Self Discipline

Self control of feelings, desires, behaviors; usually for personal development
The ability to make yourself do things that should be done
The ability to persist at difficult or unpleasant task until they are completed

Listening to your body

Pain of injury vs discomfort of exercise
Sharp stabbing pain or burning sensation
DOMS – what is it and what to do about it?


Power Breath

Stress & recovery

Exercise is stress to your body. It is a good stress called eustress.
You must get enough sleep to recover from exercise and have the energy to do it.

Goal setting

Short term (less than 30 days)
Medium term (3-6 months)
Long term (1 year or more)
Lifetime goals
S.M.A.R.T. goals

Screen time

5-10 min break every hour
Posture “text neck” and “turtle back”
Garbage in = garbage out


Pay attention to your thoughts, words and behaviors (garbage in = garbage out)
What you say (to others)
What you thing (self talk)
Body Language

Stress, Soreness & recovery

Exercise is stress to your body. It is a good stress called eustress.
DOMS is expected, 1-2 days after hard training
Adequate sleep and nutrition required to recover from exercise and have the energy to do it.

Training Partners


Weight Lifting Sport & Recreation

Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean & jerk)
Powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift)
Strongman (odd objects)
Kettlebell Sport
Bodybuilding & Strength Training

Aerobic vs aerobic

Energy System continuum
General Physical Preparedness
Cardiovascular efficiency
Optimal flexibility
“Stronger than yesterday”

My son, Mason Porach, joined the Baltimore Kettlebell Club a little over a year ago. I found that with Dan’s guidance and support along with the support of the other members, Mason not only learned about strength training and nutrition but his confidence level noticeably increased as well. He joined from the recommendation that came from my brother and I hope that my recommendation and sharing my son’s personal experience may help anyone that may be on the fence on the decision to join. As a mom, I just can’t be anymore grateful to Dan and his group of dedicated instructors. I loved seeing both the positive mental and physical transformation that my son went through.
Thank you!!!

Our family

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