Prenatal Strength e-book


Prenatal Strength e-book. 174 pages.


In Prenatal Strength, Jessica Cenidoza takes you on her personal journeys throughout all four of her pregnancy’s while lifting kettlebells. Find out exciting new ways to strengthen your body during and after pregnancy. Live, love and learn to invest in yourself to keep your body healthy and strong. This book also offers nutrition tips, powerhouse foods to try and family fitness advice. Discover why kettlebells are the must have tool for busy new moms. Get a detailed kettlebell start up guide and sample workout plans to help you stay fit during pregnancy and lose the extra weight postpartum.

“Jessica is an excellent patient to provide care for! She has an extensive amount of knowledge & experience in this area. It is motivating & encouraging to see how even a busy mom can continue to incorporate exercise & health into a busy schedule. This is a wonderful resource for pregnant women!”

– Joanne Lim, M.D Obstetrician & Gynecologist


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