A Kettlebell is a simple piece of equipment that is versatile for all types of fitness goals. Kettlebell workouts are an efficient way to improve both cardio and strength without the tedium of a treadmill or the time suck of a split body lifting routine.

Taking classes at BKC is hassle-free. Classes are small and personal; your coach will work with you on your particular goals or limitations. The space is open and clean, the location is convenient to 95 and 695, and parking is easy. There are a variety of membership options including punch cards and drop ins. Stop in during Visitors Week (first week of each month) for a free trial, give us a ring at 410-657-2307 or fill out the form below.

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Here are some practical reasons to lift kettlebells:

All around fitness - Whether you are looking to build muscle or burn fat, get stronger or better conditioned, the answer is YES. Kettlebell training is both strength and cardiovascular work. You're lifting weights for high repetitions and can get a full body workout without ever putting the bell down.

Fun - If you’ve lifted them before you know this. There's an infinite number of exercise combinations that can be strung together so you'll never get bored.

Convenient - A single piece of equipment that takes up virtually no space. It's compact and virtually indestructible. Only have a half hour to workout while the baby naps? Bell in the basement = problem solved!

Portable - No more missed workouts because you’re traveling. Need a change of scenery? No problem! Take your bell out in the backyard, into the woods or to the beach.

Efficiency - This goes back to the all around fitness thing, but you don’t need daily hour long sessions to get a good workout in. 20 minutes is enough if you’re training properly.

Freedom of movement - kettlebells can do everything dumbbells can do plus much more. Machines and their single plane of movement do not even compare! By now you've heard of all the popular buzzwords like "core" "stabilizer muscles" and "explosive strength" well, with kettlebell training and the hundreds of exercises you can do with them, you can develop all that and then some!

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Should you Hire a Trainer?

It depends on whether or not you have someone who can watch you and provide live feedback.

Kettlebell training is not something that is easily picked up from books and videos; trust me – I know. When I was first introduced to kettlebells I was already a competitive strongman; I had plenty of experience in the gym and a kinesiology degree to match it. I was used to studying exercise and human movement, and I was used to lifting weights. What I wasn’t used to was the dynamics of ballistic kettlebell exercises. Sure, I still managed to lift the heaviest kettlebells at that time, but I also managed to beat my wrists up pretty good and waste a lot of time developing bad habits in the process.

As I read, watched and learned everything I could that was kettlebell related, it wasn’t until I set out to find professionals that would teach me the art of this old-time training method espoused by the Russians many years ago. This is when I learned proper technique, this is when I learned which exercises to perform and why, this is when I learned how to lift kettlebells!

I’ve spent many hours absorbing kettlebell information and applying it with ‘bell in hand. There is no greater learning aid to a trainee than a knowledgeable trainer, someone who can provide live feedback and address individual concerns. You can only go so far without a coach.

Perhaps you're not convinced. That's fine. Get yourself a couple kettlebells (I'd recommend Dragon Door kettlebells; men start with a 16 or 24kg, women start with an 8 or 12kg) and download my Kettlebell Start Up Guide. It's my gift to you - yours FREE. It's packed with pictures and videos that show the proper technique and no-fluff exercise descriptions. These are the exact exercises I teach, exactly the way I teach them. If you're going to learn kettlebells on your own with free stuff you find on the internet, I'd still rather you learn from me. There is a lot of junk out there and "likes" on YouTube doesn't mean its good information. Take it from someone who has spend the last 10 years teaching kettlebells and actually owns a kettlebell gym.

Here's that link again - FREE Kettlebell Start Up Guide

Or maybe you're ready for the real thing and you're ready to hire me as a coach. You have 3 options:

1) Personal Training

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3) Online Training

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