Weight Loss

BKC is not your traditional weight loss gym. If all you have ever done is exercised for WEIGHT LOSS (or it’s cousins, “toning, shaping or firming”) our techniques might seem strange for you.

First of all, we don’t exercise – we train.

Exercise is a single workout for a desired effect (get sweaty, count calories, feel the burn, etc).

Training is for the purpose of long term goals and is less concerned about the workouts and more about the process.

Secondly, we recognize that weight loss is mostly about what you eat, not your physical activity.

Nutrition is key in maintaining a healthy weight, and we have a registered dietician that works with our clients 1-on-1 to help them develop lifestyle change eating plans.

Third, when you’re at BKC, everybody is treated the same but trained differently depending on their goals and abilities.

Performance is our focus in the gym – if you’re getting stronger, and you’re getting better, we know that your training program is working.

We meet people wherever they are at in their journey. It doesn’t matter how old, how capable or how much a person weighs; we have them in all shapes and sizes here.

Work Ethic and Mutual Respect are the only things that matter to us.

Come in for a free trial and try any of our classes, or take a look at our M3F or Sweat Equity Agreement for more information about our weight loss programs.



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