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30 exercise combination spreadsheet KISS Complexes

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KISS Complex

KISS Complex – Stand alone workouts with a basic instructions. 30 different kettlebell complexes (10 single kettlebell 10 double kettlebell and 10 kettlebell & bodyweight exercise combos)

This is a spreadsheet that contains many of the exercises detailed in the Kettlebell Start Up Guide, but also many more! There is no limit to the amount of combinations you can incorporate into your kettlebell training. This document features some of my favorite ways.

It’s 3 pages full of workouts – the first page will focus on a specific order to teach the exercises.

The second page will focus on single kettlebell complexes.

The third page will focus on double kettlebell complexes.

There is also a Bonus sheet also included which contains kettlebell and bodyweight exercise complexes!

These are proven exercise complexes that are being used by some of the best in the kettlebell land. A mix of what is being taught by leading instructors and what I have developed on my own.

These are many of the same complexes I use in my classes and with private training students.

Whenever I need a standard measurement other than “how much I can lift?” I draw from these complexes in my own training.

Each complex has basic instructions and can be scaled. Most should be able to be done with 1 or 2 kettlebells, and the bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere.

Some complexes are “5 min finishers” and some are entire workouts. Combine them for an increased training effect!

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