Grand Opening

grand opening baltimore kettlebell club perry hall

This past weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and Grand Opening of our new location. It was a memorable event (to say the least). I am completely humbled by the people who came out and the businesses who sponsored it. I am forever grateful.   Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Parent / Child Workout     Kettlebell Juggling Flow w/ Craig & Katie     Hand Balancing Act w/ Jim Bathurst     Truck Pull w/ Tom Bruns    …

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Texting Makes You Weak

There’s an ongoing joke at the gym that “texting makes you weak”. It’s what I yell at people when they get on their phone during a workout. Most of the time it’s to check Facebook or respond to an text message that is anything but urgent. While I say it in a joking manner there’s actually a lot of truth to it. Basically what it comes down to is distraction. You only have so much energy to go around….

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Coaching Kids

coaching kids

I’ve recently become one of those parents on the sidelines watching their kids play sports. It’s super exciting, but I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t like when it comes to coaching kids. Things that are going to end kids’ sporting careers before they even get started. Although my kids are only a couple years into youth sports, I have personally been a coach for over 12 years.┬áSo I see things a little bit differently. I look at…

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StrongFirst SFG Certification – Chicago 2018

This past weekend I was in Chicago for the StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell certification at the “Dome of Strength”. It’s an indoor baseball stadium, a pressurized Dome, that for the past 5 years has hosted SFG level 1 & 2 certifications. This year we had over 120 people certifying including about 30 instructors from all over the world. As an assistant instructor, I was there assist at the Level 1 and sharpen my own skills by recertifying both my level…

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Community of Support

  I was recently asked “How did you build such a great community of support at BKC?” I answered, “I don’t know” Then I thought about it for a week or two and here’s what I came up with… Positivity I am a positive person by nature and I try to surround myself with other positive people. I do what I can to lift people up, encourage them and I aim to inspire with both my words and actions….

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Family Fitness

Family Fitness The idea of writing about family fitness as I see it has been something I have been mulling over for a long time. This will be the first part of what I intend to be an ongoing and evolving project. Parenting never ends, and that’s exactly how I think fitness should be viewed. Here’s what I’m thinking: As parents, above all else we want our kids to be healthy, and coming in at a close second is…

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