My SFG Experience – Part 1: The Anti-Monkey Butt Saga

The Anti-Monkey Butt Saga by Katie Armero, SFG, SFL If asked how my SFG certification went, I will probably be compelled to tell this story.  As you may know, StrongFirst certifications are available all over the world, and I chose to attend the Florida location so I could work with some awesome people I met during my SFL barbell certification and to tack on a visit with my parents.   However, the Florida humidity is not such an ideal…

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What Injury Has Taught Me

chris steele baltimore kettlebell club

What Injury Has Taught Me By Chris Steele I have an injury. My right shoulder. I said: I have an injury. I did not say that I am injured. My shoulder is injured, but I am not. I’ve learned a lot from this injury. The most important thing injury has taught me is to separate the injury from myself. I’m sure that sounds strange to some, but by treating the injury this way I’ve found the freedom to keep…

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