My StrongFirst SFG Experience


by Craig Cusic, SFG The Night Before It’s Thursday December 5th 2019 2:00pm. I’m laying on top of my freshly made bed staring at the ceiling waiting for Jackson to get home from school. My bag is packed (triple checked), has been visited at least five times, hotel reservation confirmed (again), Uber app downloaded, every bit of info I need written on paper and stuffed in my wallet. Not just in my wallet, but in the secret spot…

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Are Kettlebells Safe and Recommended for Kids?

kids kettlebell

by Reese Jones It’s no secret that kids need physical exercise. It’s a great way to get them moving, allowing them to release all their energy instead of staring at screens all day. One of the biggest challenges parents face is not whether your child should get into exercise, but which exercise to do. From after-school team sports to individual activities like dance or martial arts, it can be difficult to find the perfect activity for your child. This…

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Fat Bell Swing (and other exercises)

Fat Bell Swing OTL Variations Outside the Leg Swing – way better with a Fat Bell than a kettlebell! I never liked doing OTL swings with a kettlebell because the ball is put right in the path of the knee. So if you make a mistake, you’re taking out your knee joint. With a Fat Bell, even if you make a mistake, you’re only going to make contact with your thigh. So it’s a safer movement, and maybe even…

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Fat Bell – Introduction and Review

Innovation in strength training doesn’t happen often when it comes to “free weights”. Other than barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, what else is there? Machines and odd-objects aside, there’s only so many ways to put a handle on a weight and lift it. For over a century, the barbell has reigned king, and rightfully so. There’s simply no better way to lift the most weight possible than with two hands on a plate loaded bar. That doesn’t mean the dumbbell…

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