Most transformative period of my life

I have been working with Dan for a year and half. It is been the most trans-formative period of my life. Dan is not only knowledgeable about the mechanics of training, but is incredibly motivating. He has built a supportive community of lifters who encourage and inspire each other. I am constantly amazed at how he keeps track of the progress of each of us. On a personal level, he has not only inspired me to train and get stronger, but thanks to him I have entered two Powerlifting competitions, winning first place in my age division (Master 4b, 75 – 79), and am currently the National Bench Press Champion in my age division. I certainly couldn’t have dreamed of that if it weren’t for Dan’s coaching. He works with athletes of all ages – children through late 70’s, and seems to know just how to bring out the best in each of us.

-Pauline Horn