StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification

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The SFB is a 16 hour training course on how to teach high level calisthenics to the general population. The curriculum focuses on 5 main exercises with dozens of accessory exercises and variations that range from beginner to elite. Instructor candidates must pass an extremely difficult physical test which includes a one arm push up and a one leg squat (pistol). 

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My SFG Experience Part 2 – The Rest of the Story

By Katie Armero, SFL, SFG I still remember the feeling well.  Pulling up to the gym for my first kettlebell class, partially out of interest and partially because I knew Dan, owner of Baltimore Kettlebell Club and a friend since middle school.  I was at a point in my life where I needed something to provide direction and discipline, but I was only vaguely aware of that.  I did know that when I pulled up to the gym that…

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My SFG Experience – Part 1: The Anti-Monkey Butt Saga

The Anti-Monkey Butt Saga by Katie Armero, SFG, SFL If asked how my SFG certification went, I will probably be compelled to tell this story.  As you may know, StrongFirst certifications are available all over the world, and I chose to attend the Florida location so I could work with some awesome people I met during my SFL barbell certification and to tack on a visit with my parents.   However, the Florida humidity is not such an ideal…

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My StrongFirst SFG Experience


by Craig Cusic, SFG The Night Before It’s Thursday December 5th 2019 2:00pm. I’m laying on top of my freshly made bed staring at the ceiling waiting for Jackson to get home from school. My bag is packed (triple checked), has been visited at least five times, hotel reservation confirmed (again), Uber app downloaded, every bit of info I need written on paper and stuffed in my wallet. Not just in my wallet, but in the secret spot…

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One Woman’s Journey to be StrongFirst

Baltimore Kettlebell Club

by Karen Anderson I first learned about kettlebells back in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s. I was training in Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean martial art at a dojang just outside of Philadelphia. A guest instructor visited one day to teach us some drills to help with our conditioning for sparring. He casually mentioned an old Russian strength-training implement that had recently been introduced in the United States. He explained that martial artists in the U.S. were…

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Kettlebell Training for Strongman

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with StrongFirst principles that the way we use a kettlebell has application to most any sport. There simply is no tool better for strength & conditioning than the kettlebell and StrongFirst leads the way for this training modality. What is lesser known is how the kettlebell can be used in strength sports, a realm where the barbell reigns king. Of course it’s obvious that when you compete with a barbell…

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