Struggle for the Kids

As the world we know continues to change it’s hard to know what to think of it. With political unrest and tensions on the rise, it doesn’t seem like 2021 is going to be any easier than 2020. 

Once again I find myself losing sleep trying to make sense of it all.

I try hard to be optimistic, but it doesn’t always work. I have 5 young children that I worry about. What kind of country will they inherit?

Right now they are completely oblivious to the craziness that’s going on in our nation’s capital. They don’t see it on TV, they’re not on social media, and my wife and I don’t talk about it in front of them. They’re too young to understand it and too young to be concerned about it.

I don’t want them to lose sleep over this, too.

They should be focused on just being kids – going to school and playing with their friends.

But wait!

Schools are closed and kids can’t play with their friends!

That poses another problem. The mental and physical health of today’s youth is in jeopardy. Something else for me to worry about…

Although I can’t do much about the state of the union, I can do something about the state of our children.

That’s why I’ve gone ALL IN on our kids program and making it a permanent part of our regular schedule. I’ve opened up classes for 6-10 year olds and classes for 10 and up. I’ve built out the next 6 months of our “huddle” lessons and tailored the talks for each age group.

The next step will be to put in place a leadership track that will allow the older kids to help assist the younger kids in their training.

home school kids fitness
Andrea, 13, leading the huddle during our “stay at-home” fitness class

More than just exercise

You see this is more than just about exercise. Training is simply a vehicle that gives us structure in this ever changing world. It provides us a path to move forward no matter the conditions around us. It’s an opportunity for us to improve ourselves physically and relieve mental frustrations. 

The gym is more than just a place to workout, it’s a community of people who prioritize health and strength. It’s a place where friendships are formed with others who share a growth mindset. It’s somewhere we can escape the everyday stressors of home life and work with people to build a better future for ourselves.

This is as true for adults as it is with kids.

When I step back and look at what keeps me up at night, it’s not who the president is, the latest fight, or the economy…

I am most concerned about the health and safety of the children.

The very thing that gives me anxiety is the very thing I will stand and fight for! 

I will not sit idly by and let our children suffer for our failures. It does not matter if the world around me is on fire I will forge ahead with my mission. 

I will create new opportunities for our kids. 

I will build an institution that instructs and inspires people to live stronger, healthier lives; regardless of age.

Everyone would agree that good leadership is what’s needed in today’s world and if that’s a role I have to take up to raise up the next generation of leaders, then I’m ready!

We will be strong. 

Because Strength Has Greater Purpose.

-Dan Cenidoza

PS – our kids classes are currently full and we have a waiting list for the next openings. To be added to the list, please email us direct or comment below. Thanks.