Farmers Walk Tradition

ready set go farmers walk

It was a workout that started as a joke. In the summer of 2012, when we had to move the gym, someone quipped “The new location is so close that we could farmers walk the kettlebells there!” Not only did we farmers walk the kettlebells to the new gym but we had so many people participate that I had to drive the some ‘bells back to the starting point three times! So began a Farmers Walk workout that turned…

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Quarantine Routine part 3 – Stone Lifting

st. michael stone lifting baltimore kettlebell club quarantine routine

By now you’ve started to get bored. About 1 month in and most all of your household projects have been completed, you’ve Netflix’d and chilled, and you’ve established a quarantine routine. There’s still hours in the day where you’re wasting time scrolling FB or playing video games. You feel like you should be doing something more productive with your time. You know you could be doing something more fun. In part 1 & 2 of this series we discussed…

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Specialty of a Strongman

I recently asked a Crossfit coach if he had a specialty. I was curious because I figured if he had a particular area of expertise, I might be able to connect with him on a different level than a CF coach, which I am not. I’m not a Crossfitter, don’t teach it and have no idea what my best Fran time is. But, if this guy was a weightlifter, we might talk about the nuances of the clean &…

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Kettlebell Training for Strongman

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with StrongFirst principles that the way we use a kettlebell has application to most any sport. There simply is no tool better for strength & conditioning than the kettlebell and StrongFirst leads the way for this training modality. What is lesser known is how the kettlebell can be used in strength sports, a realm where the barbell reigns king. Of course it’s obvious that when you compete with a barbell…

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