Farmers Walk Tradition

ready set go farmers walk

It was a workout that started as a joke. In the summer of 2012, when we had to move the gym, someone quipped “The new location is so close that we could farmers walk the kettlebells there!” Not only did we farmers walk the kettlebells to the new gym but we had so many people participate that I had to drive the some ‘bells back to the starting point three times! So began a Farmers Walk workout that turned…

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StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification

dan weightloss

The SFB is a 16 hour training course on how to teach high level calisthenics to the general population. The curriculum focuses on 5 main exercises with dozens of accessory exercises and variations that range from beginner to elite. Instructor candidates must pass an extremely difficult physical test which includes a one arm push up and a one leg squat (pistol). 

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Kettlebell Programming

kettlebell programming

Our Kettlebell programming focuses on the 6 main lifts that are taught in the StrongFirst SFG1 certification. These lifts, along with their variations, progressions and regressions, are the foundational skills in kettlebell training. Whether or not a student plans to pursue becoming an instructor is irrelevant. Learning these exercises will develop a proficiency in kettlebell training and build every aspect of fitness. The 6 main lifts are: swing, clean, press, squat, snatch and get up. We cycle through each…

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Strength After Sixty – Origin Story

The Strength After Sixty is a senior fitness program that was developed over the period of about 20 years. It’s something I’ve been working on my entire career. My first job in the fitness industry was in 2006 at Oak Crest Retirement Community. However, my first Strongman contest was in 2003. Although I didn’t know it at the time, the way I trained senior citizens would be heavily influenced by strongman training.   Old Time Strongman   The old…

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Losing and Winning

I’ve always said that the more someone is intimidated by the gym, the more respect I have for them for walking into it on that first day. Recently, I’ve gotten to experience that myself – stepping into something I was intimidated by – competitive martial arts. About a year and a half ago I started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you’re not familiar with BJJ, it’s a grappling art that utilizes chokes and joint locks to submit an opponent….

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Self Imposed Challenges

challenge yourself, frank deardurff

There are two types of Self Imposed Challenges.   1) Goals and 2) Things that keep you from achieving them   Let’s talk about the last one. Obviously, these are negative challenges.   You probably have an idea of what’s holding you back from getting stronger, leaner and more muscular. To overcome these challenges, first you’ll need to identify them.   You eat too much or you eat too little. More sugary carbohydrates than protein. You drink a lot….

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My SFG Experience Part 2 – The Rest of the Story

By Katie Armero, SFL, SFG I still remember the feeling well.  Pulling up to the gym for my first kettlebell class, partially out of interest and partially because I knew Dan, owner of Baltimore Kettlebell Club and a friend since middle school.  I was at a point in my life where I needed something to provide direction and discipline, but I was only vaguely aware of that.  I did know that when I pulled up to the gym that…

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Grand Opening

grand opening baltimore kettlebell club perry hall

This past weekend we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and Grand Opening of our new location. It was a memorable event (to say the least). I am completely humbled by the people who came out and the businesses who sponsored it. I am forever grateful.   Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Parent / Child Workout     Kettlebell Juggling Flow w/ Craig & Katie     Hand Balancing Act w/ Jim Bathurst     Truck Pull w/ Tom Bruns    …

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Get in the Game


Last October I started training Brazilian JuJitsu at Grapple Academy aka Perry Hall Martial Arts. It’s going well – I’m a 2 stripe white belt now and I’m hoping to test again soon. It feels good to be a student again and learn something new everyday.   The only fitness goal I set for 2021 was to take a minimum of 1 BJJ class a week every week for the year. Due to scheduling conflicts, that’s all that I…

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Why you need Restorative Exercise for Health & Strength

restorative exercise

Although strength training is about resistance exercise, it’s important to know when to incorporate restorative exercise. Restorative exercise allows you to recover from tough training sessions and “fill in the gaps” in your body. Filling in the Gaps There’s certain things you should do simply for the health of your body. Let’s remember that you are only as strong as your weakest link. That could be core strength, or grip strength, or it could be nothing relating to strength…

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