Quarantine Routine part 2

quarantine routine baltimore kettlebell barbell club

In part 1 of this series I laid out several reasons why it’s important to start your quarantine routine with no expectations. Why you should start this new routine immediately, regardless of the uncertainty of your day. With drastic changes in your schedule, that could change again in any minute, the fact that you did something was more important than what you did. In part 2 I will discuss why you should be training MORE now and how you…

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What Injury Has Taught Me

chris steele baltimore kettlebell club

What Injury Has Taught Me By Chris Steele I have an injury. My right shoulder. I said: I have an injury. I did not say that I am injured. My shoulder is injured, but I am not. I’ve learned a lot from this injury. The most important thing injury has taught me is to separate the injury from myself. I’m sure that sounds strange to some, but by treating the injury this way I’ve found the freedom to keep…

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DIY Gada / Macebell

gada steel mace training batimore kettlebell club

The Gada or Macebell is an ancient training tool popularized in India. It was used heavily by wrestlers and strongmen, and continues to be a choice training tool for many. The benefits of Gada / Mace training are focused primarily on the upper body, especially the grip, arms and shoulders. The dynamic nature of club swinging also provides an extra challenge in coordination and mobility. Not to mention it’s fun! There’s also the added benefit of being able to…

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The Quarantine Routine

quarantine routine baltimore kettlebell club

With gyms across the state and most of the country closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, how do we go about establishing a new routine? A quarantine routine. There is no easy answer to that. All I know for sure is that we must keep training. There will obviously be major changes, but anybody who has joined a gym before or even started working out has already dealt with such changes. Remember what it was like when you first…

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Training Through Set Backs and Injury

Training through setbacks and injury

Bad things happen to everybody. We’re all going to get hurt (mentally and physically), get sick, get into a car accident, someone we know is going to cancer, pets and loved ones are going to die, and at some point we will slowly degrade until one day we die too. It could be a pretty bleak outlook, especially if you are in the midst of one of those stressful, depressive situations. Or if you’re injured and can’t train the…

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My StrongFirst SFG Experience


by Craig Cusic, SFG The Night Before It’s Thursday December 5th 2019 2:00pm. I’m laying on top of my freshly made bed staring at the ceiling waiting for Jackson to get home from school. My bag is packed (triple checked), has been visited at least five times, hotel reservation confirmed (again), Uber app downloaded, every bit of info I need written on paper and stuffed in my wallet. Not just in my wallet, but in the secret spot…

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The 1 Year Plan

New Year 2020

For anyone looking to make lasting change in their life it’s helpful to think in terms of a 1 year plan. Especially at the time of this writing, New Years Eve, it’s important to plan your goals in a way that you can actually achieve them in the next 365 days. When it comes to fitness goals, this is where the concept of programming comes into play. If you’re not familiar with the concept, or if you’ve never written…

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Are Kettlebells Safe and Recommended for Kids?

by Reese Jones It’s no secret that kids need physical exercise. It’s a great way to get them moving, allowing them to release all their energy instead of staring at screens all day. One of the biggest challenges parents face is not whether your child should get into exercise, but which exercise to do. From after-school team sports to individual activities like dance or martial arts, it can be difficult to find the perfect activity for your child. This…

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Vice Control Challenge

vice1 /vīs/ – a weakness of character or behavior; a bad habit. “Big Keith” was a friend of mine, he was actually the father of a friend of mine, who I used to party with back in the day. This guy embodied the term “old head”. Although I can’t say 25 years later that I agree with his parenting style of allowing kids get high in your house, as a teenager I was quite fond of him. Anyway, Big…

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8 Year Gym Anniversary

Baltimore Kettlebell Club

Today marks the 8 year anniversary for Baltimore Kettlebell Club (formerly Art & Strength). Time has really flown by and it’s hard to believe we’ve been at it for this long. It’s been so great to see how many lives have been touched by this place and watching people find their strength is something that I will never get tired of! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do what I love doing every_single_day. What we have at…

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