Texting Makes You Weak

There’s an ongoing joke at the gym that “texting makes you weak”. It’s what I yell at people when they get on their phone during a workout. Most of the time it’s to check Facebook or respond to an text message that is anything but urgent. While I say it in a joking manner there’s actually a lot of truth to it. Basically what it comes down to is distraction. You only have so much energy to go around….

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Combating Anxiety & Depression with Exercise

the mental game

The topic I’m writing about this week has been on my mind a while. I want to be very careful with my words because the people who can relate to what I’m about to say are already suffering quietly behind their computer screens, and nobody knows what they’re going through. I’m talking about anxiety and depression. Depression and anxiety are silent killers that destroy happiness, relationships, careers and, in extreme cases, people. The causes may be different for each…

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Holiday Workout Schedules

With the holiday season coming up we are faced with a nationwide dilemma that occurs every year – excess calorie consumption coupled with a shortage of time to exercise! Beginning with Halloween, Americans have made it tradition to eat their way to a larger waistline to enter the New Year with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning holiday feasts or second helpings of dessert (I do it too) but what I’d like to do is present you with…

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Guide to Lifting Gear

I was asked recently what the standards were at BKC for wearing lifting gear. While I encourage new lifters to train with no gloves, no shoes and no belt; there are reasons for that just as there are reasons for lifting with gear. Here are my recommendations… Raw vs Geared Lifting First let’s highlight the differences between raw and geared lifting as these terms are specific to powerlifting. In most federations, “raw” allows for a belt and sleeves only;…

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20 Rep Squat Program

The 20 Rep Squat program is well known as one of the best mass building programs in all of weight training. It’s responsible for huge gains in muscular size, strength and a lesser talked about quality, mental strength. If you do it right, it will build an indomitable will, because it takes such to do it… A lot has been written about 20 rep squats over the years. From Peary Rader, founder of Iron Man magazine in 1936, to…

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StrongFirst Gym


StrongFirst Gym I’m pleased to announce that BKC is now a StrongFirst Gym! What does it mean to be a StrongFirst Gym? It means that our facility, and our instructors, have met the very high standards that have been set by StrongFirst to receive accreditation. What is StrongFirst? StrongFirst is a school of strength that offers classes, workshops and certifications in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight strength training. Pavel Tsatsouline, the “father” of the modern kettlebell movement, created StrongFirst. A…

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Coaching Kids

coaching kids

I’ve recently become one of those parents on the sidelines watching their kids play sports. It’s super exciting, but I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t like when it comes to coaching kids. Things that are going to end kids’ sporting careers before they even get started. Although my kids are only a couple years into youth sports, I have personally been a coach for over 12 years. So I see things a little bit differently. I look at…

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One Woman’s Journey to be StrongFirst

Baltimore Kettlebell Club

by Karen Anderson I first learned about kettlebells back in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s. I was training in Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean martial art at a dojang just outside of Philadelphia. A guest instructor visited one day to teach us some drills to help with our conditioning for sparring. He casually mentioned an old Russian strength-training implement that had recently been introduced in the United States. He explained that martial artists in the U.S. were…

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Kettlebell Training for Strongman

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with StrongFirst principles that the way we use a kettlebell has application to most any sport. There simply is no tool better for strength & conditioning than the kettlebell and StrongFirst leads the way for this training modality. What is lesser known is how the kettlebell can be used in strength sports, a realm where the barbell reigns king. Of course it’s obvious that when you compete with a barbell…

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StrongFirst SFG Certification – Chicago 2018

This past weekend I was in Chicago for the StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell certification at the “Dome of Strength”. It’s an indoor baseball stadium, a pressurized Dome, that for the past 5 years has hosted SFG level 1 & 2 certifications. This year we had over 120 people certifying including about 30 instructors from all over the world. As an assistant instructor, I was there assist at the Level 1 and sharpen my own skills by recertifying both my level…

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